A reply to Abu Khadee'ah and his Treacherous Companions

تحميل الكتاب : تحميل

A Series of Refutations in Annihilating the Accusations of Those that Claim ash-Shaykh Yahya has Opposed the Salaf in the Usool!1
Series Part 8: A Refutation upon ‘Arafaat in what he Perpretated from Ignorance, Treachery and 
Tampered Statements in: « The Prompt Clarification »
This is a refutation and reply to the first of the: "Two Excellent Refutations of Yahyah Al-Hajooree" that Abu Khadee'ah - the father of fraudulency - put up on Khalifitalk.net.1

One that reads it will know for sure that KhalafiPublications are liers, decietful and fraudulents, we ask Allah to expose them, Aameen.1

It is entitled: A refutation upon Arafaat in what he Perpretated from Ignorance, Treachery and Tampered Statements in: 'The Prompt Clarification'1

Please click below to download the refutation:1