[ advice of ash-Shaykh Ahmed ]

تحميل الكتاب : تحميل

 التعليقات الجياد علي

تعقبات الشيخ النجمي علي رسالة
رفقاً بين أهل السنة
لشيخ العباد
The beneficial commentaries on the observations made by the Shaykh
An-Najmi upon the treatise
"Gentleness between Ahlus Sunnah"
From the Shaykh Al-Abaad
تخريج و تعليق أبي مصعب
حسين بن أحمد الحجوري
Commentaries made by
Husain Bin Ahmad Al-hajooree
Translated by Abu Nuaym Abduraheem Ibn Ali
All praise is to Allah, much praise and blessings be to him and I bare witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah and I bare witness that Muhammad is His slave & Messenger
As for that which proceeds
This is a summarized commentary on the treatise by the Illustrious Shaykh the former Mufti of the Southern Province of Saudi Arabia Ahmed Ibn Yahya
An-Najmii (1)/which he directed towards the shaykh of our shaykh (i.e. shaykh Muqbil) the illustrious shaykh Abdulmuhsin bin Hamd bin Al-abaad Al-badr –May Allah preserve him-. Indeed shaykh An-Najmii did well and brought about benefits in this, and advised shaykh Abaad and other then him all in accordingly due manner, and he showed an encouragement upon brotherhood, and understood the position of the one being advised.
And shaykh Al-abaad & shaykh An-Najmii both are men of knowledge & Sunnah, but the situation is similar to that which was said by the Imam & explainer of the Qur'an, Mujaahid Ibn Jabr
ليس أحد إلا يؤخذ من قوله و يترك من قوله إلا النبي ص
"There is no one except his statement is accepted or rejected except the Prophet ص"
So from this and other then this it has become apparent to us that the virtuous one can be refuted by another virtuous one, and a virtuous one can be refuted by he who is more virtuous, and a less virtuous one can refute a virtuous one, and their goal behind doing so is to ward off falsehood from one another.
And with regards to this there was a beautiful statement once said by
Al-kayaah Al-haraasi in his reply to Imaam Shaafi'ee when Shaafi'ee said that the Sunnah doesn't abrogate the Qur'an, so he (Al-kayaah Al-haraasi) Said
"هفواتُ الكبارِ على أقدارِهم، ومن عُدّ خطؤه،عَظُمَ قَدْرُهُ"
Mistakes made by the Great ones effect their reputations
The greater the scholar the greater his mistake is to be considered
And what was more beautiful then this was the statement of Abduljabaar ibn Ahmed's reply to Shaafi'ee when he said
"هذا الرجلُ كبيرٌ, ولكن الحقُ أكبرُ منهُ"
'This man is great, but theTruth is greater than him'
And these statements can be found in the book 'Bahrul Muheet' by zarkashy
(Vol.3 page 188) and in 'Irshaad-Al-fuhool' by Imaam Shawkaani
Page 168. And now to the actual treatise with its commentaries upon it and by it we hope for this to be a completion to its benefit and its advice to be propagated.